Bus and taxi operators in Chadiza district hike fares

Bus and taxi operators in Chadiza district have increased transport fares following the increase in fuel price by ERB, the Energy Regulation Board two weeks ago.

According to taxi drivers spoken to by Breeze News, fares on the Chadiza-Chipata and Chadiza-Katete routes have been increased from 50 to 70 Kwacha.

Kaliza Soko a taxi driver also indicated that the fare for short local routes has been increased from 10 to 15 Kwacha.

Meanwhile bus and taxi operators in Chadiza district have complained over the poor state of the Chadiza-Chipata road.

Gilbert Phiri and Kaliza Soko say that the bad state of the road, which has potholes and bumpy waves, is causing a lot of damages to the vehicles.

The duo says that since the construction works stalled in 2014, the contractor China State Engineering Construction company has not worked on the deviation roads.

They charged that the road is slowly turning into a death trap adding that something needs to be done to ensure road works resume.

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