Caritas Chipata backs the suspension of six senior party members of the ruling Patriotic Front in Eastern Province.

Caritas Chipata has backed the suspension of six senior party members of the ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party in Eastern Province.
Caritas Governance Programmes Coordinator, John Mthaziko Zulu says that the suspension of the officials will help to restore discipline in the ruling party.
In a statement availed to Breeze News, Mr. Zulu says that Caritas has been wondering why PF was not taking action to bring order and sanity in the party in Eastern Province.
He has described as unacceptable a situation where party members start fighting among themselves instead of advancing government programmes.
Mr. Zulu says that PF should realise that Zambians voted for them because they were different from people in MMD, UPND and other political parties.
And Mr. Zulu has charged that people that have defected from other political parties to PF are the ones fuelling confusion in the ruling party and that they are only interested to get positions and employment.
He has alleged that PF members that have complained of being beaten are people that have been in PF for a long time while those accused of organising the beating are new members.
Those who have been suspended through PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba are PF Provincial Chairperson, Lucas Phiri, Provincial Secretary, Richard Mutale, Provincial vice Youth Chairperson, Andrew Lubusha, Vice Information and Publicity Secretary for the youth wing, Joseph Kolosa, Chipata constituency secretary William Phiri, and Chipata district treasurer, Daniel Phiri.

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