Caritas Chipata reveals reports of corruption in the adoption processes of political candidates.

Reports of corruption in the adoption process of candidates among some political parties have emerged in Eastern Province.

Caritas Chipata Governance Programmes Coordinator, John Mthaziko Zulu has confirmed in a statement availed to Breeze News.

Mr Zulu says that Caritas is saddened by reports suggesting daylight corruption taking place in the adoption process among competing candidates especially on the positions of Council Chairperson and Member of Parliament.

He says that information gathered by his organisation has revealed high levels of corruption, which have marred the primary elections at constituency and district levels.

Mr Zulu says that some aspiring candidates have corrupted electoral institutions of some political parties in order to give them massive votes.

He has revealed that Petauke is one of the districts where such reports have emerged especially concerning the position of council chairperson.

Mr Zulu has criticized the illegal activities stating that corrupt people should not be allowed in Zambia’s governance system.

He has also called upon law enforcement agencies to get interested in the adoption processes of candidates in all political parties and arrest all those involved in corrupt activities.

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