Chadiza cooperatives failing to manage financies

Mismanagement of finances among cooperatives in Chadiza district has worried Chadiza Constituency Member of Parliament Salatiel Tembo.

Mr. Tembo says that some board members in most cooperatives in the district have problems in managing the finances in their cooperatives.

He stated that the cooperatives normally finish the money on buying farming inputs without saving any funds in the banks, which can be used for other businesses.

Mr. Tembo says that this has resulted in the cooperatives failing to develop.

He however, appealed to all cooperatives in the district to venture in different businesses in order to sustain their cooperatives and help boost the economy.

Mr Tembo has also welcomed de suggestion by Chadiza

He was speaking during a meeting with primary cooperatives, which was organised by DCU, District Cooperative Union in Chadiza.

Meanwhile Mr. Tembo supported a proposal by the District Cooperative Union to have each cooperative member contribute three gallons of maize to start production and sale of mealie-meal in the district in order to recapitalise all cooperatives in the district.

He said that the project should be done in a transparent manner.

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