Chadiza DC accuses traffic police officers of unprofessional conduct.

Traffic police officers in Chadiza district have been castigated for unprofessional conduct.

Chadiza District Commissioner George Phiri says that his office has received numerous reports of traffic police officers who are following people in their villages to impound their vehicles and motorbikes.

Mr Phiri says that traffic police must have strategic points where to mount roadblocks and not chasing people everywhere.

He says that it is very unprofessional for traffic officers to go as far as Taferansoni in search of vehicles and motorbikes to impound.

Mr Phiri told mourners during a funeral for one of the government workers, that he had been forced to speak publicly because the officers failed to visit his office after being summoned.

He appealed to traffic police officers to stop harassing motorists and minimize on unnecessary roadblocks.

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