Chadiza District Council embarks on upgrading of Mlolo Compound

Chadiza District Council has embarked on upgrading of Mlolo Compound.
The local authority has started connecting roads and installing water pipes within the Compound.
Acting Council Secretary Rutherford Nduli told the residents in the compound at a meeting to cooperate with the council during the process of upgrading the compound.
Mr Nduli said a lot of structures have been raised in the compound without proper planning because the settlement was a traditional land.
He said the council negotiated with Chief Mlolo to normalise the compound so that proper road network and water pipe lines can be done.
Mr Nduli told all plot owners to contribute 100 Kwacha each for the numbering of plots adding that they would later be expected to pay 1,500 Kwacha direct to the Ministry of Lands for surveying.
Mlolo Compound is a fast developing settlement in the district with more than 300 structures.

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