Chadiza district ready for elections

Chadiza District Electoral Officer Kennedy Kazanda says the district is ready for tomorrow’s general election.

Mr Kazanda says that all election materials have arrived in the district with the last consignment of non-security materials having arrived on Monday.

He says that all political parties and stakeholders have already been briefed on the arrival of election materials.

Mr. Kazanda says that transportation of these materials was being done to various polling stations.

He assured the public of safety of these election materials adding that they are guarded 24 hours by state police.

Mr Kazanda also revealed that Chadiza Central Constituency has a total number of 39,007 registered voters with 48 polling stations and 64 voting streams in all the 18 wards.

He has however, called on all political parties and stakeholders to observe peace and abide by the electoral code of conduct during and after elections.

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