Chadiza District records an increase of 68 percent in maize production.

Chadiza District has this year recorded an increase of 68 percent in maize production.

This is despite challenges that the district faced during the last rain season ,such as flush floods and attacks of crops by army worms and maize stalk borers.

Chadiza District Commissioner, George Phiri says the district has recorded a total of 19,600 metric tonnes of maize this season ,translating to 68 per cent increase.

Mr. Phiri says the district has produced a total of 48,455 metric tonnes, as compared to last year’s 28,850 metric tonnes of maize.

Mr. Phiri says the increase in production is as a result of favourable rainfall pattern and increase in the number of farmers benefiting from FISP, the Farmer Input Support Program.

He says the district received 1,528.3 millimetres of rainfall, in the 2016/2017 farming season, which was above normal rainfall for the district which normally receives 700 to 800 millimetres of rain.

Mr. Phiri has however, advised farmers on the need to exploit the district potential ,by diversifying in the agriculture sector if they are to attain food security and ensure increased incomes.

He says this implies venturing in various agricultural enterprises such as crops, livestock, fish, fruits and processing of raw materials, for value addition and better returns.

The District Commissioner says farmers ,must take up farming as a business and invest in proven agricultural technologies that are more reliable and profitable.

He was speaking during this year’s Agriculture and Commercial Show, which was celebrated under the theme, “Promoting a Green Economy“.

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