Chadiza MP Allan Mbewe accused of abandoning his constituency.

Villagers surrounding Chanida Border in Chadiza district have castigated area Member of Parliament, Allan Mbewe for not visiting his constituency.
The villagers say that they have not seen the MP since the time he was voted into office.
They told Breeze News that this has hindered development in the area because they do not have someone to represent them on developmental issues.
But when contacted for a comment, Chadiza Central Member of Parliament, Allan Mbewe refuted the allegations saying that he has been visiting villages surrounding Chanida Border but he has not held a meeting with them.
He says that the last time he was in the area was on Thursday last week but did not hold a meeting because he did not want to disturb people, who were busy with their farm work.
Meanwhile most villages in Chadiza District will face hunger as crops have not performed well due to late distribution of the government subsidized inputs.
Affected areas include, Tafelason and Chanida border, where the villagers have heaped the blame on government.
But the Ministry of Agriculture, however, feels that some farmers might escape the hunger as they will reap a bumper harvest.

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