Chadiza MP, Allan Mbewe accused of discouraging farmers from practicing conservation farming.

Chadiza Member of Parliament, Allan Mbewe has been accused of discouraging farmers from practicing conservation farming in Chadiza district.
Lead Farmer Chairman for Chilenga, Andrew Phiri says that Mr. Mbewe is telling farmers not to waste time practising conservation farming but focus their attention on developmental issues.
The allegation was also backed by PF, Patriotic Front Party Publicity Secretary, Emmanuel Banda who has advised Mr. Mbewe to stop misleading the farmers.
But when contacted for comment, Mr. Mbewe told Breeze News that the allegations were unfounded.
Mr. Mbewe explained that he only issued an advice that the programme should not be politicized because they were only registering PF members.
He said that he was interested in development and wondered how he could be against a programme that will improve the lives of farmers.

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