Chadiza township road tarring project hits a snag as workers down tools

Workers for a company engaged to tar township roads in Chadiza district are reported to have downed tools due to non-payment of five months salaries.

The workers for Avex Contractors held a meeting with management earlier this week but were not satisfied with the outcome at which they were promised that salaries will be ready on Saturday.
Speaking to Breeze News in Chadiza, the workers charged that they were tired with unfulfilled promises from management.
The workers vowed not to return to work until salaries are paid adding that they were faced with so many financial challenges.
But when contacted for comment, Project Manager, Kenneth Odur dismissed reports that the workers have gone on strike.
However, last week, Mr. Odur admitted that the company was facing challenges paying salaries because government is not paying them for the road works.

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