Chama district with three confirmed cases of Anthrax

Three people have been confirmed to have anthrax, which has broken out in Chama district.

Chama District Commissioner, Josphat Lombe told Breeze News that this is from 53 people that were affected by the disease.

Mr. Lombe says that according to the Ministry of Health in the district, 235 people are believed to have eaten hippo meat.

He says that 18 hippos from Luangwa River are reported to have died from anthrax, which was eventually transmitted to humans after eating its meat.

Mr. Lombe says that a task force comprising of officers from Ministry of Health, Department of National Parks and Wildlife and Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries has been formed to monitor the situation.

He says that it is unfortunate that some people have kept some meat from the affected hippos and are reluctant to surrender it to government so that it can be destroyed.

Mr. Lombe further revealed that officers have been deployed along the Luangwa River to stop people that are still trying to get their hands on the dead hippos.

He has advised people in Lundazi and Chipata district not to buy bush meat, which does not have valid papers from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

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