Chewas back government over its decisioon to stop Ngoni meeting

Government has been commended for quickly moving in to stop a meeting which was supposed to be held by Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people in Chipangali area.
In a statement on behalf of the Chewa Royal Establishment, Chief Chanje says that government’s move must be appreciated because it helped to prevent any bloodshed due to fights which would have ensued if the meeting was allowed to take place.
He explained that government was right to stop the meeting in order to maintain peace adding that it would have been wrong for Paramount Chief Mpezeni to hold a meeting in an area which does not fall under his jurisdiction.
Chief Chanje also questioned a statement from House of Chiefs chairperson, Senior Chief Mukamambo the Second that police used tear gas to disperse people, who had gathered for the meeting.
He explained that before commenting and condemning government over the matter, the House of Chief’s chairperson should have gotten more information from all sides involved, as police did not fire any tear gas.
The traditional leader says that the House of Chiefs is supposed to be neutral in helping to resolve wrangles involving traditional matters.

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