Chief Chanje demands relocation of Malawians in his area

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipata says families who were chased from Kaleza Farm are still stranded and have nowhere to cultivate from.
Chief Chanje told Breeze News that government should immediately remove Malawians that are settled in his Chiefdom so that he can put his people in the area.
He says that the complaints were also raised by the community in the area during an Annual General Meeting at Kaleza Primary School on Thursday.
The traditional leader says the community in the area are also concerned over delay by government to take action on the Malawians that are settled in his area.
He says government should quickly look into the plight of Zambians who were removed from their settlement because the Malawians in his Chiefdom are living comfortably and cultivating in the area.
In October last year, over 600 households who found themselves on the Malawian side following the new border demarcations were chased by Malawian Authorities but the Malawians who found themselves on the Zambian side were not removed.

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