Chief Chanje wants police deployed in his area due to high smuggling of tobacco into Malawi

Government has been urged to involve the Zambia Police in trying to curb tobacco smuggling by Malawian vendors.
Chief Chanje of the Chewa people says that more Malawian tobacco vendors have invaded his chiefdom, Mnukwa, Chinunda and Mwasemphangwe areas.
He said that TBZ, the Tobacco Board of Zambia will not manage to stop the tobacco smuggling, as the vendors transport the tobacco at night.
Chief Chanje also explained that there are so many routes, which the vendors are using and that it is not possible for TBZ inspectors to arrest all the smugglers.
The traditional leader said that government needs to quickly place police officers in Tamanda, Kambani and Juma border areas to help stop the smuggling of tobacco.
He warned that if the situation is not stopped quickly, most farmers will fail to pay back their loans to tobacco companies.
Chief Chanje attributed the problem to poor and unstable prices that tobacco companies are offering in Zambia.


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