Chief Chinunda calls for community participation in developmental projects

Chief Chinunda in Chipata has asked his subjects to participate in all developmental projects in his chiefdom.

Speaking during a meeting called by Nthope Ward Councillor Chazingwa Mwale, Chief Chinunda says that for development to take place in his area, all his subjects should have the interest to participate.

The meeting was called to discuss how construction of a one by three classroom block will be done at Chiziye School in readiness for it to be upgraded to a secondary school.

Chief Chinunda says it is a rare opportunity that the government decided to upgrade Chiziye primary School to a secondary school adding that it will help children acquire higher education in his chiefdom.

He says people strive to have their children acquire higher education in town because it becomes difficult to sponsor them adding that sometimes girl children end up falling pregnant.

Meanwhile Chief Chinunda has hailed outgoing councillor Chazingwa Mwale for his tireless efforts and dedication towards developing Chiziye School.

He stated that the school will benefit many children not only from his chiefdom but other far places.

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