Chief Kathumba gets tough on early marriages

Chief Kathumba of the Chewa People in Katete District has warned his people against marrying off girl children.

Speaking to ZANIS in Katete, Chief Kathumba says that it is worrying to note that child marriages have continued in the country despite several measures by government and its partners to end the practice.

He explained that after attending a Workshop hosted for Chiefs in Kitwe on Ending Child Marriages in February this year, he has vowed not to allow any person to marry off their children.

The Chief pointed out that in order to achieve this, he has established committees in all schools, which will validate and spearhead the program.

He added that from now onwards, any person who wants to marry or get married should present enough evidence of their age like a birth certificate to show that they were above the age of twenty.

Chief Kathumba explained that headmen will no longer be in charge of validating marriages as the committee will sit and advise on the intention presented to them.

He warned that in order to bring the practice to an end any person found acting to the contrary will be reported to the police and ensure that the courts of law puts out firm punishment on the perpetrator.

He further warned his subjects that any headman or woman found encouraging the practice will be stripped off their title.

In less than one month Chief Kathumba has managed to take back to school about 39 children, who fell impregnated or stopped school.


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