Chief Kazembe of Lundazi district unhappy with relief maize distribution

Chief Kazembe of the Chewa speaking people in Lundazi district is unhappy that government has decided to leave out his chiefdom from beneficiaries of relief maize.
The traditional leader complained in an interview with Breeze News that it was unfortunate that his subjects will not benefit from the relief maize, adding that government was neglecting his area.
Chief Kazembe stated that people in his chiefdom were in desperate need of relief maize because they did not yield enough maize to sustain themselves.
He indicated that people in the area had experienced some floods during the month of February which had negatively affected the crop production.
The traditional leader explained that food insecurity in his area is perennial as there are also issues of human-animal conflict.
He has appealed to government to rescind its decision and consider allocating them with relief maize before the onset of the rains.
Early this week a team under the office of the vice president which visited Lundazi district revealed that according to an assessment report carried out, most valley areas had been left out in preference for the plateau region.

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