Chief Kazembe says 15 years succession wrangle has affected development

Newly installed Chief Kazembe of the Chewa has observed the need for unity among his subjects if the chiefdom is to fully develop.
The traditional leader told Breeze News in Lundazi that the chiefdom has lagged behind in development due to succession wrangles that engulfed the chiefdom for the past 15 years.
He has advised his subjects to avoid engaging themselves in preaching falsehood as such will retard development of the chiefdom.
Chief Kazambe pledged to unite the chiefdom by putting all differences aside and embracing even those who were opposing him to be chief.
And the traditional leader has bemoaned the poor state of the 96 kilometres Lundazi – Kazembe road, stating that the road has negatively affected the development of the chiefdom.
He further stated that access to safe drinking water was another challenge that people in his area are facing

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