Chief Madzimawe unhappy with police for implicating him in illegal trade of Mukula logs

Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni people has denied any wrongdoing in a matter where he has been implicated in illegal trade of Mukula logs.
And the traditional leader has expressed disappointment with police officers who stormed his palace in riot gear to check on the Mukula logs that are packed outside the palace.
Chief Madzimawe says that it is sad that the police could go to his palace in that manner as if he was a criminal that they wanted to arrest.
He says that five days ago, more than 15 police men in riot gear stormed his palace to interrogate him over Mukula logs.
Chief Madzimawe says that he has on several occasions informed the police about trucks carrying Mukula logs in his area but the police kept telling him that they do not have transport, a situation which prompted him to start helping in impounding the trucks.
The Chief says that his palace is not the only area where Mukula logs are being kept, adding that he has no intensions to engage in the illegal trade.
And Chief Madzimawe has also expressed disappointment that some media organizations carried the story implicating him in the illegal trade without getting his comment.
He wondered how the action taken by police with video footage was shown on television when there were no journalists at the time police officers stormed his palace.

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