Chief Mnukwa calls for investigations into Mphawa Bridge, which collapsed one year after it was built.

Chief Mnukwa of the Ngoni people has called for investigations into a bridge that collapsed one year after it was built.
The traditional leader has expressed concern that despite 35, 000 Kwacha being spent on the construction of Mphawa Bridge last year, it was washed away during the rainy season.
He says that it is unfortunate that nothing had been done to ensure that the contractors account for the money that was used on the project.
Chief Mnukwa was speaking during the commissioning of the classroom block at Mulilwa Community School.
And Nthope ward councilor, Chazingwa Mwale has described the commissioning of 6 CDF, Constituency Development Fund sponsored projects in his ward, as an eye opener on the need to work with traditional leaders.
The Councilor observed that traditional leaders play an important role in sensitizing their subjects on the importance of being actively involved in the developmental projects taking place in the chiefdoms.
He said he would continue, to monitor the implementation of the various projects commissioned, in order to ensure that the funds are utilized properly.

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