Chief Mnukwa calls for well planned settlements

Chief Mnukwa of the Ngoni people in Chipata district says well planned settlements in rural areas help develop the areas faster.

He notes that just like in urban areas, unplanned settlement is common in villages and this affects the rate of development.

The traditional leader was speaking during customary land documentation meeting held in Chipata.

Chief Mnukwa also acknowledged that there is need to educate village headmen and people in villages on procedures, when settling in foreigners.

Meanwhile, Chipata District Administrative Officer, Kapembwa Sikazwe, called for measures that would ensure that more women have access to land.

He explained that for a long time, women especially in rural areas have been finding it hard to access land.

Mr. Sikazwe says that this is one of the major goals of the vision 2030 on land issues.

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