Chief Mnukwa cautions his subjects against getting involved in land wrangles.

Chief Mnukwa of the Ngoni people has warned his subjects not to get involved in land wrangles.
Speaking during the commissioning of various CDF, Constituency Development Fund projects in his area, Chief Mnukwa urged his subjects to live in unity.
He says that if subjects get involved in land disputes that chiefs may be having, the people would be the ones to suffer the most.
The chief further cautioned his subjects against forcing their children into early marriages because it is against the law.
Chief Mnukwa explained that forcing children to give birth whilst still young causes a condition in women called fistula.
He says that it was for this reason that government has scaled up the program of building schools in villages to encourage parents to stop forcing children into early marriage.
Some of the projects that were commissioned include Mwai and Muliliwa community schools.

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