Chief Mpezeni unhappy with goverment over cancelled Ngoni meeting

Paramount Chief Mpezeni was yesterday forced to cancel a meeting, with Ngonis in Chipangali Constituency.
The traditional leader told Breeze News that he was forced to cancel the meeting because Government had sent riot police officers who even dispersed Ngonis who gathered to attend the meeting.
The paramount chief says he is not happy with the decision by the government to cancel the meeting, which he wanted to hold with his subjects.
He says that government’s decision to threaten chiefs with arrest is not good, stating that traditional leaders should be left to preside over their affairs.
When reached for a comment, Eastern Province Deputy Police Commissioner Patrick Bili says police were not notified over the meeting.
He however, stated that organisers of the meeting were in a better position to explain because police were not aware of the meeting.
And Chief Chanje of the Chewa People indicated that the Chewas were geared for the meeting.
On Saturday, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo warned that anyone who is going to attend the meeting risked being arrested for breaking the Public Order Act.
Mr. Kasolo indicated that he had received some intelligence information that the Chewas had mobilized some Nyau dancers to destabilize the meeting, while the Ngoni camp was also geared to fight back.
The Chewas and Ngonis have differed over land where some Ngonis have settled in Chipangali Constituency with both parties claiming ownership.

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