Chief Ndake of Nyimba district calls for a border post at Nyacimbwi

Chief Ndake of the Nsenga people of Nyimba district has called on government to put a border post at Nyacimbwi area.
Speaking to Breeze News, Chief Ndake says this will assist in legalizing Cross Border Trade that is currently rampant in the area.
Chief Ndake says the absence of a border post is allowing Mozambicans to have access to medical services and other basic needs in his chiefdom.
He added that livestock from Mozambique graze in his Chiefdom which results in a number of disease outbreaks
Chief Ndake says he has already allocated land at Nyacimbwi for the border post which he says will come with a lot of social needs to benefit the local people.
And the Chief has asked government to revisit the electricity tariffs because millers in his area have hiked prices for grinding mealie-meal from 8 kwacha to fifteen kwacha per tin while the price for maize has been doubled from the previous 25 Kwacha to 50 kwacha a tin.
Meanwhile, Chief Nyalugwe of the Nsenga has called on government to increase the number of ZAWA, Zambia Wildlife Authority officers to provide enough security in the area.
And Chief Nyalugwe says people from Mkoma area in his Chiefdom do not benefit from relief maize from government because their places are vast and unreachable due to floods.

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