Chiefs in Chadiza district want police posts and secondary schools in their areas.

Chief Mwangala of the Chewa people in Chadiza has appealed to the government to construct police posts in all the chiefdoms in the district.
The traditional leader feels that this will assist to curb the increasing number of criminal activities in the area.

Speaking on behalf of all the chiefs at the Independence celebrations over the weekend, Chief Mwangala said that for people to enjoy peace and freedom, security must be closer to them.
The traditional leader pointed out that police posts and secondary schools are the most important things lacking in their chiefdoms.
And speaking at the same function, Chadiza District Commissioner, George Phiri said that government will encourage chiefs to come up with strategic plans for their chiefdoms, which capture villages as a unit of development.
He said government is committed to ensuring that villages no longer continue to be centres of poverty adding that no Zambian will die of hunger.
Mr. Phiri said that government had already demonstrated its commitment by sending 185,000 metric tonnes of relief maize for starving villagers.

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