Chiefs in Eastern Province elect new House of Chiefs representatives.

A new representation of five Chiefs from Eastern Province has been elected to the House of Chiefs.
Chieftainess Mkanda of the Chewa people of Chipata, Chief M’nukwa and Maguya of the Ngoni people, Chief Phikamalaza of the Chewa people of Lundazi and Senior Chief Lwembe of the Nsenga people of Nyimba were elected yesterday during the 5th Chief Council meeting in Chipata.
Presiding Officer, Noel Sichali declared the five winners after scoring votes ranging from 17 to 28. Eight chiefs participated in the election.
Chief Zingalume of the Chewa people, Chief Mumbi of the Nsenga people and Chief Mphamba of the Chewa people of Lundazi are the other traditional leaders who participated in the election.
And speaking on behalf of other Chiefs after winning the election, Chieftainess M’kanda thanked other traditional leaders for ushering them into the House of Chiefs and pledged to represent other chiefs well.
Meanwhile, Outgoing House of Chiefs Representative, Chief Madzimawe urged the new Chief Representatives to critically debate the draft land policy that was rejected due to lack of consultation from traditional leaders.
Chief Madzimawe said that the five Chiefs should also ensure that the Museum Board and National Heritage Commission are not moved from the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs.
And speaking on behalf of Paramount Chief Mpezeni, Senior Chief Nzamane called for unity among all traditional leaders for peace to prevail beyond ethnic lines in the province

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