Chiefs in Eastern Province receive praise from government

Chiefs in Eastern Province have been applauded for upholding peace in their communities.
Eastern Province Assistant Secretary, Beenzu Chikuba says peace in the nation has emerged from the influence which traditional leaders have on the grass root.
Ms. Chikuba was speaking during the official opening of the 5th Provincial Chiefs Council meeting in Chipata this morning.
Ms. Chikuba says government will continue supporting the wellbeing of tradition and culture of all Chiefdoms in the Province because Traditional leadership is the oldest leadership in the country.
She added that the decentralisation policy will allow Chiefs and their communities have more powers in public governance.
And Ms. Chikuba says government will not interfere in the election of Chiefs representations in the House of Chiefs.

The meeting has attracted Traditional leaders from all the tribes of Eastern Province who will later in the day elect five Chiefs to be representing them in the House of Chiefs in Lusaka for a period of five years.
The Previous Representatives in the House of Chiefs from Eastern Province were Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni people, Chief Mbang’ombe of the Chewa and the Late Chief Jumbe of the Kunda people.

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