Chiefs in Katete not sensitized on E-Voucher system

Some traditional leaders in Katete district say that farmers in the area have not been sensitized on the electronic voucher system of accessing government subsidized fertilizer and seed.

Chief Kathumba and Chief Mbang’ombe of the Chewa speaking people told Breeze News in Katete that they do not have any knowledge on how to go about the E-vulture system.

They said that they have only heard about the new changes in FISP, the Farmer Input Support Program through the media.

And the two traditional leaders have observed that the district has continued lagging behind in terms of development especially in rural areas.

They say that their chiefdoms are still in need of safe drinking water, dams, good roads, health facilities and schools.

Chief M’bang’ombe says the only secondary school in the area which was constructed by community members has over 800 pupils but needs to be expanded by constructing additional classroom blocks, a laboratory and teachers houses.

He added that despite the chiefs allocating land for the construction of a University, there is still no response from government as to when the works will start.

And Chief Kathumba says Kapoche Bridge situated on the road going to M’zime turnoff has remained unattended to for a long time and becomes impassable in the rain season.

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