Chieftainess Mkanda says government needs to resolve boundary wrangles.

Chieftainess Mkanda of the Chewa people has called on government to resolve boundary wrangles by properly demarcating land.
The traditional leader also says government should intervene by producing maps, adding that leaving the matter unattended will have consequences.
Speaking during a stakeholders’ workshop held in Chipata, Chieftainess Mkanda further revealed that her chiefdom was also experiencing land encroachment.
The chieftainess noted that sometimes it is the fault of authorities of traditional matters, who takes too long to replace a chief who passes on, a situation which leads neighbouring chiefdoms to take advantage.
Chieftainess Mkanda says much as she appreciates the motto of One Zambia One Nation, all chiefs and subjects should have respect for one another to avoid friction.
And speaking at the same forum, Chief Nyamphande of the Nsenga people of Petauke district said customary land administration is intended to achieve one basic objective where people in villages have access to land as individuals and as families.
Chief Nyamphande further said equitable availability of land is paramount among members of the community to improve their living conditions.
He, however, said recent trends of commercialising land by some individuals after acquiring it from the chiefs has led to some disputes.

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