Chikuyu Dam has again dried up causing serious water problem in Nyimba district.

About 135 households in Nyimba district are in a critical challenge of accessing water following the drying up of Chikuyu Dam.
Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Public Relations Officer, Henry Kashoki says the affected households are those that have not yet been connected to the new system of four boreholes that were drilled to be supplying water.
Mr. Kashoki says that the affected families are only able to get water from 22 hours in the night up to early morning the following day.
He however, says that the company will soon connect the affected households to the new system and put up an extra submissive tank to address the problem.
Mr. Kashoki has advised the affected people in Nyimba to store enough water during this period.
Meanwhile, Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has received a total sum of 71.3 million Kwacha for phase two water works in four districts of Eastern Province.
Mr. Kashoki says that the money, which is from the Ministry of Local Government and Housing and the Germany government will be used to construct a Dam in Katete district and raising the main pipe in Chadiza district.
Mr. Kashoki added that the funds will also be used to put up an elevated tank in Nyimba district and conducting feasibility studies in Chipata to establish the water eradication problem being faced in the district.

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