China-Africa Cotton Company commissions an acid seed delinting plant machine.

An acid seed delinting plant machine has been commissioned at the China-Africa Cotton Company in Chipata.
The machine was commissioned this morning by Chinese ambassador to Zambia Joe Yukuzyo.
And speaking during the launch Mr Yokuzyo says that the machine will go a long way in improving the production of cotton.
He says that the machine will be used to extract good cotton seed from the bad seed to ensure that farmers are given hundred per cent certified cotton seed to plant.
And speaking at the same occasion, Eastern province assistant secretary Benzu Chikuba says that the machine which was procured at a cost of one million United States dollars, will create 60 more jobs in the province.
Ms Chikuba says that it is a well-known fact that the average yield in cotton production in the province has been declining and the farmers have not made enough profit on their sell of cotton.
She says that this has caused many farmers to avoid paying back loans to companies.
Ms Chikuba says that government hopes that farmers will take advantage of the efforts the Chinese government has put into the cotton farming to improve efficiency and productivity.

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