Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Zhou Yuxiao says his country continues to enjoy relations with Zambia.

Zambia has continued to enjoy good bilateral relations with the Chinese government since independence.
Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Zhou Yuxiao says that this can be seen by the involvement of the Chinese in a number of developmental programs in the country.
Mr. Yuxiao says that a lot of Chinese nationals have invested in Zambia, in the mines, construction and agriculture industries, as well as various businesses.
Mr. Yuxiao was speaking during a radio program on Breeze FM.
He says that the people of Zambia seem to be enjoying the relationship with the Chinese, by the commitment they show in working with them.
Meanwhile, Mr. Yuxiao says that Eastern Province is one of the most beneficiaries from the Chinese government, in terms of job opportunities.
And Mr. Yuxiao says that there is need for the Zambian government to make the right decision with other stakeholders at the international level, to come up with good cotton prices.
Mr. Yuxiao says that this is in order to mitigate loses, as farmers are encouraged to exercise crop diversification.

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