Chipangali Member of Parliament says MPs defecting to the ruling party lack principles.

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD Members of parliament defecting to the ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party lack principles.

MMD Chipangali Member of Parliament, Vincent Mwale also says that the defecting MPs have shown that they cannot stand being in the opposition because of being used to belonging to the ruling party.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Mwale also charged that the PF was to blame for the MPs defecting from MMD because government is trying everything to entice the MPs to ditch their parties.

He however, warned that the PF government has taken a dangerous route where they want to ensure that they dominate parliament to pass every law.

Mr. Mwale says that this can be evidenced by the last parliament sittings, where all issues that needed voting were won by the ruling party.

The Member of Parliament, who is Chipata District MMD vice chairperson, says that from what is currently happening in parliament, he doubts if the country will have a good constitution.

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