Chipangali MP Vincent Mwale delays school project

Chipangali Member of Parliament, Vincent Mwale has been accused of holding back construction works for Chiziye Secondary School.
United Party for National Development UPND has revealed that the works stalled in August this year because Mr. Mwale collected 2,300 Kwacha for the project under the pretext that he would provide building blocks but this has not been done.
UPND Provincial Spokesperson, Victor Mbuzi says that Mr. Mwale promised that he would deliver the blocks within one week to ensure that works for a one by three classroom block are completed.
Mr. Mbuzi says that Mr. Mwale should fulfil the agreement to deliver the blocks so that works can resume immediately.
And when contacted for comment, Mr. Mwale said that the building blocks will be delivered to the construction site this week.
He explained that he had delayed to deliver the blocks because he wanted the truck that will carry the blocks to also deliver building sand.
Mr. Mwale said that there was nothing sinister about his delay, adding that he was spending about 4,500 Kwacha from his own pocket to hire transport, buy more building blocks and roofing sheets for the project.

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