Chipata Central Hospital records three New Year babies

Chipata Central Hospital has recorded three New Year babies born between midnight and 09:12 hours this morning.

And Kapata Clinic has also recorded three New Year babies, who were born between midnight and 07:45 hours.

All the New Year babies at Chipata Central Hospital are girls, while at Kapata Clinic, two are boys and one is a girl.

And presenting New Year gifts to mothers at the two health facilities, Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale said newly born babies always bring joy to families.

He emphasized the importance of impacting good morals and educating children in order for them to grow up into responsible citizens, as they are the future leaders of the country.

Mr. Mwale also encouraged mothers to maintain high standards of hygiene.

Mr. Mwale also presented gifts to eight other children who were born yesterday at Chipata Central Hospital.

Meanwhile, Chipata Central Hospital acting Medical Superintendent, Dr. Suzanna Mwanza, explained that eight babies were born yesterday.

She said of the babies born yesterday, seven are girls and one is a boy.

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