Chipata -Chadiza-Chanida- Katete road tarring project to gobble additional 86.6 million Kwacha

The Chipata -Chadiza-Chanida- Katete road tarring project will require an additional 86.6 million Kwacha.

According to a project brief report produced by RDA, the Road Development Agency availed to Breeze News, this constitutes an increase of 12.8 per cent of the current contract sum.

The report states that following the completion of the detailed design, and addition of the Chiswa link, the project will require additional funding.

The final design of the road will include an additional 7 kilometres of road to complete the linkage of Chadiza-Katete road with the Great-East road at Chiswa village.

This link will also require the construction of one additional bridge.

Meanwhile overall physical progress works of upgrading the Chipata-Chadiza-Chanida-Katete road to bituminous standard stands at 39.7 per cent.

The project is estimated to be completed end of October 2016.

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