Chipata City Council opens uncompleted bus station

Local bus operators in Chipata have been moved from the Down Shops to the new local bus station along Kafula road near Kapata Market.

However, the bus operators are not happy with the move taken by Chipata City Council describing the environment at the new bus station as pathetic.

Fackson Phiri, Justine Banda and Dyman Zulu say the decision by the council to relocate them before completing works at the station is worrying.

The trio says the council was supposed to put up a shelter and level the area with bituminous, before moving bus operators.

The motorists also stated that the levy being collected by the council should be used for the intended purpose, such as the construction of toilets and improving infrastructure in trading places.

Meanwhile, the local authority has acknowledged the complaints by bus operators, stating that the dust can pose a threat to people’s health.

Chipata City Council Acting Public Relations Manager Kameko Manda says the local authority had engaged bus operators last month over the movement from the old bus station to the new bus station.

She says the council will continue watering the area to suppress the dust before putting quarry stones, which will be a temporary measure.

Ms. Kameko added that the area will be tarred before the onset of the rains.

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