Chipata Council accused of holding on to 50 thousand Kwacha for Kaumbwe Market.

Chipata Municipal Council has been accused of holding on to 50 thousand Kwacha CDF, Constituency Development Fund meant to develop Kaumbwe Market.
Works Committee Vice Chairperson, Innocent Banda said this in an interview with Breeze FM Correspondent Edward Mbulo.
Mr Banda says the funds were approved in May this year adding that to date the money has not been given to Kaumbwe Market.
He says that his executive cannot understand why it has taken so long for the council to release the funds despite making several follow ups.
Mr Banda says that with the rains about to start, he does not know how marketeers are going to conduct their business in an open trading area.
He says each time they go to the council to ask for the release of the funds, they are told lies.
And when contacted for comment, Council Spokesperson, Taonga Kaonga said that she needed to investigate the matter before giving the local authority’s official position.

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