Chipata Council accused of refusing to trade using 10 and 5 ngwee coins

Chipata Municipal Council is refusing to accept 10 and 5 Ngwee coins when collecting levies from marketeers.

This has sparked complaints from marketeers, who have challenged the council to explain if the two coins are not legal tenders.

Speaking to Breeze News, the traders wondered why the council, which is a government institution, is refusing to accept the coins.

They stated that council officers who collect different forms of levies including those manning fee paying toilets are refusing to accept the coins, a situation which is inconveniencing them.

They questioned where the council expects them to take the coins, stating that the local authority is in a better position to deposit the coins in banks.

And when contacted, Chipata Municipal Council Public Relations Officer, Taonga Kaonga says that the local authority will state its position on the matter later after consultations.


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