Chipata District has been hit with a sudden huge demand for Petrol causing shortage of the commodity.

Chipata District has been hit with a sudden huge demand for Petrol resulting in all filling stations struggling to maintain stocks.
And reports from Malawi indicate that the neighbouring country has been faced with a serious shortage of Petrol forcing some motorists to park their vehicles.
Chipata Auto Services Managing Director, Dudia Shakil who runs Eugene Filling Station, told Breeze News that he could not understand how 8,000 liters which was delivered Thursday night finished before 08 hours on Friday.
Mr. Shakil however, says that Eugene Filling Station is expecting to receive more supply of Petrol in the evening from two trucks, which are in Lusaka.
And the shortage of Petrol has continued in Chipata with Total Filling Station being the only service station that is selling the commodity after receiving Petrol today.
A check by Breeze News found long queues of motorists attempting to refuel their vehicles.
Meanwhile Zodiak Radio staffer, Grey Kazako reports from Malawi’s capital Lilongwe, that a fuel crisis has hit that country.
Motorists are being forced to look for alternatives on how they can find fuel including travelling to neighbouring countries like Zambia.

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