Chipata General Hospital to install advanced X-ray machine

The Ministry of Health in Chipata has received three million Kwacha for the installation of a new model X-ray machine at Chipata General Hospital.
Chipata General Hospital Medical Superintendent, Daniel Makawa confirmed the development to Breeze News.
Dr. Makawa explained that the modern X-ray machine, which is currently in Lusaka known as computerized Tomography is advanced as it is able to scan detailed body parts that the old X-ray could not visualize.
He says that once, installed the X-ray machine will reduce on the cost of referrals as the hospital spends about 5,000 Kwacha per trip on transporting patients to Lusaka.
Dr. Makwa says that the X-ray machine will also be able to scan people with brain damages.
Meanwhile, challenges of transporting patients to the wards is now a thing of the past at Chipata General Hospital.
Dr. Makawa says that the installation of new elevators at a cost of 1.2 million Kwacha has made it easy for medical personal to be transporting patients to the wards.
He says that the old lifts where having breakdown challenges, adding that the new elevators accommodate two stretchers and are very appropriate for use for long hours.

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