Chipata Mayor Jealous Phiri condemns use of old graves.

Chipata Mayor Jealous Phiri has condemned the system of using old graves for new burials at St. Anne’s cemetery.
Mr. Phiri was shocked when he visited the cemetery yesterday to find that about five people have been buried on land for old graveyards.
He stated that although the graves were old, Chipata Municipal Council risked being sued by relatives of the deceased who initially used the graves.
Mr. Phiri says that the local authority needs to find a new site for the graveyard since St. Anne’s cemetery is full.
Meanwhile some unscrupulous people have turned St. Anne’s graveyard into a sex playground.
Grave diggers told Mr. Phiri when he visited the cemetery that they are normally forced to chase couples, who find comfort in having sex at the graveyard.
And Mr. Phiri warned that anyone found using the graveyard for sexual activities will be arrested because the act is disrespectful to people that have died.

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