Chipata Municipal Council accused of failing to provide services in markets

Chipata Municipal Council has again been accused of providing poor services in markets.
Saturday Market Chairperson Peter Soko told Breeze News that toilets at the trading area are still in bad state because of leaked pipes and poor floor.
Mr Soko says workers assigned to care for these toilets have no groves to use in cleaning the facility adding that even the floor has no tiles, causing people to avoid using them.
He says marketeers are willing to pay for the toilets at Saturday Market, but most of them are using those which are outside because of the poor state of the facility.
Mr Soko also blamed the councillors, alleging that they only concentrate on giving plots in their wards instead of inspecting and checking the state of toilets in the markets.
He says Chipata Municipal Council should not only be interested in increasing toilet and bathing fees but improve hygiene standards.
Mr Soko charged that poor hygiene in the toilets is contributing to less collection of revenue by Chipata Municipal Council.

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