Chipata Municipal Council accused of inflating prices for building materials for a market shelter at Saturday market.

Chipata Municipal Council has been accused of misusing CDF, Constituency Development Funds meant for the construction of a market shelter at Saturday Market.
This came to light when Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Reuben M’tolo Phiri, inspected the 80 thousand Kwacha project yesterday.
Saturday Market Chairperson, Peter Soko alleged that the local authority has inflated prices for building materials for the shelter.
Mr. Soko wondered if the local authority has its own CDF guidelines that it follows, because they are not providing any delivery notes for the materials bought.
He also noted that the council were not engaging other stakeholders when procuring the building materials.
SOT: Peter Soko, September 08……………..
And Chipata Municipal Council Town Clerk, Davies Musenge could not be reached for a comment as his mobile phone went unanswered.

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