Chipata Municipal Council denies using gravel to mend potholes on tarred township roads.

Chipata Municipal Council has dismissed statements that it is using gravel to mend potholes on tarred township roads.
Public Relations Officer, Tawonga Kaonga says that the gravel, which is being used in mending the potholes, is part of the process involved when tarring a road.
She explained that after putting the stabilized gravel, which is a mixture of gravel and cement, it will be followed by stones and then bitumen.
Ms. Kaonga explained to Breeze News that the local authority has been forced to follow the full process of tarring a road in mending potholes, which are deep.
She however, says that the works are being frustrated by the rains, which wash away the soil before the next stage is done.
Some residents have wondered what kind of system the local authority is using to mend potholes after observing that they have been using gravel.

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