Chipata Municipal Council given 800 million Kwacha for street lighting

Chipata Municipal Council has received 800 million Kwacha for phase two works of street lighting.
Speaking to Breeze News, Town Clerk Ekani Chingangu says that the funding is from the Ministry of Local government and Housing.
Mr. Chingangu says that the phase two street lighting works have included three township roads, which are Kafula up to Nabvutuka Market, St. Anne’s road and Muchini road via the Chipata College of Education.
Mr. Chingangu says that the tendering process has already started while the actual works are expected to start in October and be completed before the rainy season.
He says that all the township roads in Chipata that are being worked on under Phase One will also have street lights.
Meanwhile, more than half of the workers at the Chipata Municipal Council, who get their salaries from the government have not yet been paid their salary arrears for three months.
Mr. Chingnagu says that the local authority is still waiting for communication from the central government on the matter, since the month of August has not yet come to an end.

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