Chipata Municipal Council owes retirees about 3 million Kwacha.

Chipata Municipal Council owes its retirees about 3 million Kwacha in terminal benefits.
Council Town Clerk, Davies Musenge confirmed this to Breeze News.
Mr. Musenge says that the local authority has a list of retirees from 2010 to date that have not yet received their terminal benefits.
He explained that the local authority has been facing challenges in paying retirees because the list of people retiring keeps accumulating every year.
Mr. Musenge says he has been discussing the issue with the retirees Association and has agreed that money will be paid to them in bits every month.
And Mr. Musenge says that the local authority is still finding challenges to pay its division four workers because the markets are not generating enough revenue.
Mr. Musenge explained that this has caused the council to be paying its division four workers from the main account, which is not supposed to be the case.
The Town clerk says that the returning of illegal street vendors into Saturday market may have a positive impact on the operation of the markets as the revenue will increase.

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