Chipata Municipal Council proposes a 51.5 million Kwacha budget for 2016.

Councillors at Chipata Municipal Council have proposed a total budget of 51.5 million Kwacha for the year 2016.
Council Town Clerk, Davies Musenge told Breeze News that the council has doubled its budget proposal for next year from this year’s 26.4 million Kwacha.
He says that this will assist the local authority attend to its many projects in the district.
Mr. Musenge says that the proposed budget will be sent to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing for approval before the end of this year.
Mr. Musenge says that about 67 per cent of this year’s 26.4 million Kwacha budget has been used so far.
He says the local authority will continue operating on the same budget until next year when the ministry proposes another budget.

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