Chipata records 17 cases of defilement within one month.

Seventeen defilement cases were last month reported to YWCA, Young Women Christian Association in Chipata district.

YWCA Coordinator, Dorothy Ndhlovu says that the defilement cases are escalating at an alarming rate as the figure does not include cases reported to the police VSU, Victim Support Unit.

Speaking to Breeze News, Ms. Ndhlovu says that these cases involved victims, who were able to reach reporting centres.

She says that latest reports show most of the defilement cases are happening in far-flung areas where it is difficult for victims to report to police.

Ms. Ndhlovu also says that the cases show that the perpetrators are within family circles and close relatives to the victims.

The YWCA coordinator says that there is urgent need for more awareness efforts to stop the vice.

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